The Royal Pig Pub

Ft. Lauderdale's Finest Pub & Kitchen


The Royal Pig Pub

Ft. Lauderdale's Finest Pub & Kitchen

Royal Pig Pub Interior

Have you ever wondered what food that was cooked with love and passion tasted like? Find out at The Royal Pig Pub. Our executive chef and his kitchen staff make food we are all proud to serve our guests.

Our Royal Pig bartenders can stir up all the classic drinks and they'll even shake it up and make you one of our signature cocktails.



Enjoy some of our handcrafted cocktails made from only the freshest ingredients. We also carry a wide variety of beer and wine.


From appetizers to pub favorites, our chefs have created a mouthwatering menu that will keep you coming back for more.


Dining at The Royal Pig Pub is an experience. Part of that experience is enjoying one of our delicious homemade desserts.


What They're Saying

Want to know what people are saying about The Royal Pig Pub? Check out a few snippets below. Find us on Google, Yelp or Facebook and leave your
review! We look forward to seeing what you have to say!


What They're Saying

Want to know what people are saying about The Royal Pig Pub? Check out a few snippets below. Find us on Google, Yelp or Facebook and leave your
review! We look forward to seeing what you have to say!


"Ever had food so good that all you could is just shake your head and close your eyes while chewing? Yeah, their food will have that effect. We came here for Sunday Brunch. We were running late so we missed the window for bottomless mimosas and bellinis. Luckily, the food made up for it.

We were able to sit quickly because there wasn't a wait. Our server Dana was very nice. I know it's harder to work with larger parties but she handled it like a champ... even when dealing with out split check debacle. Nothing about our service felt lacking.

The food is unbelievably delicious. I had the Over the Top French Toast. They weren't lying about it being "over the top." Its white chocolate French toast with bacon fat, whipped cream, berries,  and salted maple syrup. It was amazing. It just melted in my mouth with every bite. Members of my party also enjoyed the
Georgia Shrimp & Grits and the Womlette. All members of my group were wowed with how good everyone was.

Royal Pig is the real deal! Don't even care that finding parking was a hassle. When food is that incredible, you don't even care about the parking struggle. I highly recommend this place!"

-Kimberly via Yelp

5 stars "The food is good and the beers are too. I've been here once before in the past and always wanted to return. Pretty good experience overall."

-TC via Google

5 Stars. "Great drinks and delicious food. Some of the best brunch I've ever had."

- Scott via Google 


5 stars. "Wow what a place. Love the food. Me and my better half sat at the bar. Jennifer and Sean were our bar tenders. They were great super nice and a lot of fun to talk with. Glad we came . Good place to watch games too."

- Luis via Google


5 stars. The braised pork of the best things I've ever eaten in my life! Awesome service, amazing food, great drinks! I highly recommend this place.

- Edmond via Google


"We ate here last weekend and we are going again tonight with the whole family! The New Orleans shrimp were delicious and was served with toasts for dipping into that delicious sauce! The Cactus Jack hamburger was the best I ever had - the combination of topping was terrific! We loved the sweet potato fries and tuna appetizer as well. I can’t wait to go back tonight and try more of the enticing things on the menu!"

- Bille via Google


"One of the most amazing lunches we have ever had!  We ordered the pulled pork nachos and a chicken sandwich....Plain is not the word for these dishes. The atmosphere was fun too!"

-Abbey via Yelp

"Love this place! Everything I've tried over several visits have been delicious. The baby back ribs, the shrimp that has a little kick to it, pork shoulder, great beer and whiskey selection too. Definitely would recommend! Every time my family comes in town they ask to go here."

- Ambar via Yelp

"Nice atmosphere, smiling bartenders and waiters! A countless variety of draft beers.  As for the menu, good choice of appetizers, New Orleans bbq shrimps is highly recommended.  Will definitely return for another draft beer!"
- Cristina via Yelp


"Royal Pig, I will be back and I will eat everything on your menu. That's a promise."
- Sam C. via Yelp


"Great beer selection. I would normally never order foods of the type this bar has on its menu at a bar. But I must say I have tried half the menu in my 6 visits. Not only will the great beers and service surprise you, but the food will blow your mind! Hats of to the management at this truly unique venue. PS- This isn't the type of place for a person who is not looking to spend a litte, which attributes to what makes the Royal Pig so great!"
- John via Facebook


"I'm going to start putting queso oaxaca on my burgers. Wonderful flavors, a great beer selection, and a very understanding and patient serving staff. Delicious!"
- Nat via Facebook

"Nothing short of AAAAHHHHMMMAAAZIIING! Everything on the menu is creative, fun and tasty! I heard this restaurant was on the food network and I see why! It is definitely in a lane of it's own, best thing in downtown Fort Lauderdale. On the appetizer menu I have had the Parmesan truffle fries which taste so different that most truffle fries, I don't know if its the oil they cook it in or the Parmesan they put on it, but what ever it is I say YES! I've have the buffalo chicken fingers... DELICIOUS and tender! The killer shrimp has the same flavoring as the buffalo fingers but are still amazing. The Spinach dip is just your old regular smegular dip... nothing spectacular. The mac and cheese is OK, not rich enough for me.
I've had the mini chicken taco sliders... AMAZING; very flavorful!!!.
As far as meals go... I've had the chicken and waffles, which was good but I've had better at yard bird in Miami and Gladys knight's chicken and waffles in Atlanta. I've also had the braised pork shoulder "porchetta" ...OH MY GOD i would slap my mom it's so freaking good. The pork melts in your mouth and it's sits on top of the creamiest mashed potatoes, YUMMY! But when I tell you the best and most underrated thing on the menu is the CORNBREAD! LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL! This cornbread is better than your mama's (yes YOUR mama) and it's better than anything I've ever tasted,  and I'm from the south! The cornbread literally melts in your mouth and sits on-top of drizzled honey. My goodness, I'm salivating at the mouth just thinking about it! The servers are always kind, expeditious and helpful when deciding on what to eat. Love this place. Drinks need work...  not strong enough. One of the ONLY places in down town Fort Lauderdale that serves food really late. They have a great late night menu that goes until2 am even on weekdays! This place is just an all around MUST!"
- Kara via Yelp